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60 minute massage — $95
90 minute massage — $135

  • Christine will be out of town until August 7th. If you would like to be contacted when she is back, please contact us.

  • Christine is currently focusing on her clientele and accepting new clients on referrals mainly.

  • Safety protocols against Covid 19 remain in place even even if you are fully vaccinated. More time is allowed in between sessions to refresh the air and sanitize the room with a medical grade disinfectant.

  • The room has been set up with the capacity to increase airflow coming from outside so the air can be renewed each every 3 minutes! Exhaust fan on window: capacity to renew the air 27 per hour. Hepa air filter: capacity to clean the air 20 per hour.

  • The airflow will be lowered or increased depending on your lifestyle, your vaccination status and comfort level. Please note that because of that flexibility I accept to see clients who are not vaccinated or fully vaccinated, given that the protocols are respected.

  • Mask wearing is mandatory at your appointment. For your comfort, the headrest cradle has its own filter so you won’t need to wear a mask when face down (prone position).

  • You will have a temperature check upon arrival, have a screening form and liability release to read and sign. Hand sanitizer before starting the session.

  • I ask that you do not arrive early so that you spend no time in the waiting area but walk directly to the very ventilated massage room.

  • Please contact us if you have any question, wish to present yourself or to make an appointment.

  • Please note that I am myself full vaccinated since February.

  • Cancellation policy do not apply during Covid as it is preferred to cancel an appointment would any symptom occur.