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About Christine d’Allancé

Christine d'AllanceI have a unique ability to listen and touch deeply, to tune in to you as a whole person, and give you the massage you need.

For the time you are on my table, you are the most important person in the world. My technical training is strong, and I work deep, addressing any problem areas we identify together.

But just as important is the emotional side to massage. People have told me that I am very intuitive. For example, you come in one day with your shoulders aching, and you ask me to pay special attention to releasing tension there. You also mention some recent stress in your life, and I sense that you need a refreshing massage. While you are on the table, I encourage you to just relax and receive: you don’t have to do anything. My massage heals the pain in your shoulders, but also energizes you. You leave the table feeling light and joyful, ready to face the next challenge.

What is a session like?

You enter a peaceful and soothing environment. I begin by asking you about your physical and emotional state, finding out what you want and need from your massage today. In privacy, you prepare yourself for the massage. You take off your clothes and make yourself comfortable on the table, covered with blankets.

When I enter the room, I use the first five minutes of the massage to map out your body’s needs—what areas feel tight? Where do I notice energy blockages? Then I begin the heart of the massage, where I work on your whole body; my massages have a rhythm that allow you to zone out and enjoy, as I work to clear energy blockages and heal pain. I ask only that you relax and allow yourself to accept the joy and healing that a good massage can provide.

The way I work

Tui Na Fusion: I have training in Tui Na, a vigorous Chinese technique that, like Shiatsu, is based on the body’s network of meridians and acupuncture points. I combine Tui Na with Swedish massage techniques, using oil and creating a feeling of flow and relaxation.
An active approach: I use rhythmic rocking movements, sometimes moving and stretching your limbs. These vigorous techniques open up your joints and allow me to access your deep tissue.
Energy work: I use an intuitive approach to locate areas of your body where you may have energy blockages, and work to gently stimulate an even flow of energy through your whole body, melting away physical and emotional tension.

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