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Pandemic Protocol

Massage room set-up

The room has been set up to create a lot of air flow from outside air.

Exhaust fan on window: capacity to renew the air 27 per hour.

Hepa air filter: capacity to clean the air 20 per hour.

The room has also been insulated to create a negative pressure, meaning that no air is coming from the rest of the suite. Just outside air is coming in the room.

The chair that you use will have a fresh chair cover.

There will be more time allowed in between sessions to sanitize the room with a medical grade disinfectant.

Initial phone call

During this phone conversation we will make sure we are comfortable with each other regarding exposure to Covid. I will ask questions about Covid symptoms as well and give you directions for your appointment.

Two days before your appointment

Take your temperature and send it to me by email or text.

Day of your appointment

Take your temperature and send it to me by email or text.

Bring a mask and wear it at your appointment.

You will park in the parking lot behind the building and text me when you arrive. I will greet you at your car and we’ll talk outside first, as we usually do before your massage. You will spend no time in the waiting room as we will walk directly to the massage room.

I will have you sign a consent form with screening questions.

I will have you wash/sanitize your hands. I will be wearing a mask as well. I’ll sanitize my hands before starting the session and will not be touching your face during the massage.

We will practice minimal talking to prevent spreading aerosols in the air, the main source of transmission.

After the massage and when you are ready, I will walk with you outside where we’ll be free to have a conversation in the open air.

Alameda County Reopening Plan
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Transmission through aerosols
Negative pressure room