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“Christine is a rare gem. She seems to understand intuitively how your particular body is, and what areas might need addressing on any given day. But she also asks questions at the beginning of a treatment, so she can get the full picture of how you’re feeling and what you need. She is physically very strong, but can also sense when she needs to “tread lightly”. I saw her every week when I was in my last trimester of pregnancy – she knew how to position me on the table so that even at my bulkiest, I was comfortable. And her treatments helped enormously with the joint pain, swelling, and sciatica I was having. Now that I have a small child, I find it hard to make time for myself. But when I finally do, and am reminded of how tremendously talented Christine is, I never regret it! Her studio is warm, quiet, and very conveniently located. I come out so transformed and transported, I usually forget where I parked my car! That is a good sign of a fantastic massage :)” – Liz H.

“I have had – and studied – many forms of bodywork, but none has had the effect that Christine has on my wellbeing. I was simply amazed – and continue to be amazed – at the quality of her work, its positive effect on me, and the variety of skills she is able to bring to her work. Christine is always respectful and intuitive and senses where the work is needed. The work on my hip joints released the muscle spasms that had been so painful. Christine may concentrate on certain areas, but she treats the whole person within each session, always asking where the work feels most needed. She constantly checks in during the massage to see how you are feeling. I had planned to go for only a few sessions and then perhaps once a month or so, but ended up going weekly for a long time because I could feel the value of her work in my body. Now I go every other week – I would go every week if I could afford it! – and it seems to be enough so far to maintain the benefits I have received. If you suffer from back, neck, joint or muscle pain and/or stiffness, I doubt you could find a more intuitive, skilled, compassionate practitioner than Christine Dallance.” – Carol G.

“I have had many massages in my life, from many excellent massage therapists, but Christine is the best I’ve ever had. I started seeing her regularly some years ago when I had a frozen shoulder. I was also seeing a very good physical therapist at Kaiser regularly. I would say that I made equal progress with each treatment, no matter which person I saw. Christine is very well trained in many kinds of body work, and she has years of experience. She is also incredibly intuitive, and this combination makes her fantastic. You want to keep your body in shape? Call her this minute!” – Darlis W.

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