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The way I work

I use the first five minutes of the massage to map out your body’s needs—what areas feel tight? Where do I notice energy blockages? Then I begin the heart of the massage, where I work on your whole body; my massages have a rhythm that allow you to zone out and enjoy, as I work to clear energy blockages and heal pain. I ask only that you relax and allow yourself to accept the joy and healing that a good massage can provide.

Tui Na Fusion: Tui Na is a vigorous Chinese technique that, like Shiatsu, is based on the body’s network of meridians and acupuncture points. I combine Tui Na with Swedish massage techniques, using oil and creating a feeling of flow and relaxation.
An active approach: I use rhythmic rocking movements, sometimes moving and stretching your limbs. These techniques open up your joints and allow me to access your deep tissue.
Energy work: I use an intuitive approach to locate areas of your body where you may have energy blockages, and work to gently stimulate an even flow of energy through your whole body, melting away physical and emotional tension.


I’ve been practicing bodywork since 2000.

When I moved from Paris to the Bay Area, I promised myself to work with my hands, and to be truthful to myself. At the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, I learned Acupressure, Shiatsu, Swedish, Ashiatsu, and reflexology. But I was most inspired by the active, joyful Tui-na technique taught by Brian O’Dea.

I tend to be direct in my communication style, and comfortable connecting with people. I take in a lot of information during each session and in every interaction with my clients; everything I learn from my clients inspires me to improve, deepen, and enrich what I bring to my massages.

Besides my massage practice, I spend a lot of time gardening in the community where I live with my family.